Blackjack strategy

If you know the strategies for black jack, it will highly increase your chances to win.

Whatever strategy to choose, it improves the chances to win. Luckiness is not the main criteria. The correct actions and number of various strategies influence the game result. But there is the basic strategy which is the best one as it increases the chances to win over 0.5%. To use this strategy, it is needed to remember some actions and when to use them.

The main actions are:

  • Stand means no buying or taking of new cards;
  • Talon means buying of the card;
  • Double means to double the bet or talon depending on the situation;
  • Laydown means laydown of the cards or talon if there is no other way.

To see each option, study the table that shows the results of the game. The player`s winning odds is 49,75 %. For example, you have ten and six points. The open card of a banker is ten. Find a crossing of the column and line. A laydown is recommended to save half of a bet. See the blackjack chart below.

The main actions are

One of the most difficult strategies for blackjack is shuffle tracking. A player needs to track the cards from the shoe. It includes double counting as well. The first is to count all the cards from the shoe, the second is to count each of them from a deck. Double counting is difficult, remember about team play to divide counting between team members. Use signals to communicate.

The book “Win over banker; the winner strategy in blackjack” was published to help players. It contains lots of information about different techniques and their usage.

The advantage of the casino is that banker begins to hit when other members made decisions. The general advantage is 8%. Using the basic strategy reduces it up to 0.5 %.

How to count cards in blackjack?

Blackjack card counting is too difficult for almost all people. But thanks to some methods, it is still possible. Why do you need to know how to count? The answer is that it will help you to understand when continue hitting, stand or laydown.

A player should start learning counting tips with the “plus-minus” system. This blackjack counting system is known since 1962. First of all, a player should know the basic meanings. The minor cards from two to six give +1. The medium are from seven to nine give zero, while seniors are from ten to ace give +1 as well. All the cards from the shoe should be counted. If put together all the meanings of 52 cards, the sum will be equal to zero. When counting the coming card, a player has a conditional mathematical expectation what give a chance to prognose the next card.


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