Blackjack rules

Learn how to play black jack easily! As a rule, 8 decks are used to play. 8 players may stay at the table. Each player, including a banker, receives two cards. The banker`s first one is always open to other players. This is a huge advantage for the players. If the open banker's card is an ace, then it is highly likely that a banker will win. In this case, a player may ensure his bet.

Blackjack guide says, it is not allowed to bet when everyone received the cards. The one thing a player can do is to analyze, count the points and plan the following step.

Each card has a value. For example, the Broadway cards bring 10 points, while ace 11. The perfect hand is ace and one Broadway card.

Blackjack rules

Let's start with a definition of the important notion “hit”. Hit means that a player asks a banker to give one more card. It is allowed to take several cards in the raw. The main thing is to remember that player losses automatically in case of a bust. The banker is not an independent person. There are strict rules of blackjack he needs to observe. Then the points of the players and banker are calculated. This rule is common for casinos. The winner is someone who has the points near to 21.

While playing exposure game variation, the players and banker see each other`s cards from the very beginning.

When everyone made a bet, the dealing begins. According to official blackjack rules a player may hit as many cards as he wants, while a banker is not allowed to hit more if he has 17 or more points.

If you want to play blackjack successfully, you need to know the value of the cards. Ace means 11, ten and king mean 10. The value of cards from two to nine is reflected on the cards.

The important notions to know

  • Hit means to take cards until the play reaches 21 points or bust;
  • Stand – is a command that means that no cards are needed;
  • Double Down – means to double a bet; after such double down, the player will receive one more card during the following dealing;
  • Split – means the possibility to divide a hand into two if there are two cards of equal nominal value. It is required to double the initial bet. Then a player will receive the cards for both hands. Some types of the game do not allow split;
  • Surrender – means the right to withdraw and receive half of the made bet. This rule is not for all game types as well.

Know the tips on how to win at blackjack

The best way to win at blackjack is to follow the rules to avoid exceeding twenty-one points. Are there some keys to winning blackjack? Know how to make a correct step, by looking at this sheet.

One of the strategies is doubling. It looks similar to Martingale rule. The idea is to double the bet in case of failure and minimize the bet in case of a win. The bankroll should be good to avoid failure after the first dealing.

The Hilo system means accurate calculation. It is easy to win using this system. The disadvantages are that it works for land-based casinos only and a single deck of the cards only.


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